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Nine lists, customized for different groups of our customers are available. Subscribers will receive relevant, current news and updates on Iowa taxes. This service is free of charge.

Individual Income Tax Professionals (IDRFIncTaxProf)
  • Who: tax preparers, forms developers, accountants and bookkeepers
  • What: individual income tax and related issues
  • When: primarily in the fall and throughout income tax season (January - May)

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General Business Tax (IDRFSalesUse)

  • Who: general public, businesses and tax preparers
  • What: IDRís quarterly newsletter Iowa Tax E-News; sales, use and local option taxes; tax class schedule; forms availability
  • When: quarterly and as needed

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Withholding Tax (IDRFWithholding)

Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (IDRFMotorFuel)

Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (IDRFCigaretteTobacco)


Property Tax (IDRPropertyTax)

Government Entities (IDRFGovEntities)

Economic, Fiscal, and Statistical Research (IDRstats)

  • Who: City and regional planners, government finance officers, researchers, media
  • What: Monthly, quarterly, annual statistical and economic reports; special studies; tax credit studies
  • When: Monthly and as available

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Iowa Tax Research Library Updates (IDRITRLupdates)

  • Who: Tax preparers, attorneys, accountants, bookkeepers, businesses
  • What: Brief summary of new documents added to the Iowa Tax Research Library
  • When: Weekly and as needed

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Security and Communications Issues
The department will maintain the confidentiality of your name and e-mail address to the fullest extent possible. This information will not be used for any purpose other than to transmit e-mail messages. However, you should recognize that e-mail is not considered secure, and the transmission of your e-mail address will openly occur over the Internet. Because of this, the department will not transmit confidential information via e-mail.

This e-mail service is provided as one-way communication from IDR to its customers. At this time, the department does not have resources to manage two-way communications between list members and the department or among list members.

If you have any problems or questions, contact us at

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